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...and Guitar Chords N Tabs is a place for everyone sharing the same passion towards Music. It's a place where you can Learn playing guitar, Learn some most popular songs, Request chords for your favorite song, Ask your guitar related queries, Share your Guitar chords etc. It's a portal where all guitarists meet up and share all their knowledge with the Novice and Professionals. It's an initiative to enable everyone to enjoy learn & share skills.
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   Guitar Basics - The first step
   The first baby step towards knowing your Guitar,
    Meet your guitar :

    >> Guitar Basics - Know your Guitar <<
   Strumming Patterns Video tutorials
    Learn Different Strumming Patterns and Styles via easy video & audio tutorials here,
    Hope you love them :

    >> Guitar Strumming Patterns (with Video tutorials) <<
   Popular Guitar Songs Video tutorials
   Good with your basics, time to flaunt by playing some popular songs,
    Get your hands dirty :

    >> Popular Guitar Songs - Video Tutorials <<

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